Over the years I have learned that it takes a lot of hard work and patience to get to the level I am at with my bulls. I started out hauling 15 bulls to events and I now have over 300 head of bulls. Having all those bulls comes with a lot of responsibility, work and time. Owning and raising bulls was something I grew up around, but it isn't my only job. Monday through Thursday, I am also a full-time cattle buyer.  I travel each day around the state, buying cattle for myself and also as a bonded-order buyer. I usually fly to the PBR events on Friday morning and then head back home either Sunday evening or Monday morning. Having such a busy schedule hasn't allowed me to do everything on my own, and that's where my team comes in.

       I consider myself to be the head coach of the team & we’re all playing for one big goal. The team starts withmy wife Sarah. She's the teammate that pushes me and helps me with everything. She is my full-time secretary, accountant and best friend. I wouldn't be able to do much of anything without all of her help and love.

       Delbert Nose and Rex Meier are my full-time bull hauler and handlers. They are huge assets to my team and keep the bulls healthy, happy, and get them from point A to point B.

       Lacey, John, & Sadie are my three children & they also play a huge roll with our company. My daughter Lacey is one of the handiest and most knowledgeable women in the bull business. Her expertise in all areas of the business is invaluable. I can always count on her. She handles much of my office work and everything with our breeding program. Her husband JR Scott has also become a huge part of our family business from organizing events to hauling bulls and handling much of the Dakota Rodeo events. My son John has a special knack for the bulls. He loves to flank them, and does a great job handling them. My youngest daughter Sadie is busy working for our company full time in marketing, sales, and everything in between. She works with the bulls, computers, and is my sales specialist. She also handles everything with our merchandise and that has kept her very busy!

       Every team has that one person who excels as a special-teams player, and that person on my team is Juan Gonzalez.  Juan has been employed with us for several years and is one of my most important players. He works day-in and day-out taking care of my bulls, cattle and feedlot. I know my animals are well cared for when I'm out on the road. 

A man can only do so much on his own and I am blessed to have some of the greatest sponsors including: Cooper Tires, YETI, Wrangler, WSM Auctioneers, Blessed Bemer Chick ,American Hat Company, & Sweet Pro Feeds. I can't forget all of my partners as without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. They are all great people who have helped me further my bull business in such a great way. I am very thankful to also call them friends.